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Sneak peek - Gabo Napoli

While my stay in Florence I was happy to get the chance to visit G.abo Napoli, have a nice chat with the guys and see a glimpse of their upcoming F/W ´14 collection, featuring some seriously bold patterns and interesting details. Full review coming up later.

Will start the reviews regarding collections next week so stay tuned. Also be sure the check for some more discussion and street style photos of Pitti Uomo.

ill take one of each please

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Treat people like people


When Josh and Stephen invited me to join them for some Del Popolo pizza at the Gustin HQ in San Francisco, I guess I expected something different. I walked into their office to find four people sitting around a converted pool table, laughing, joking and working together. It felt like I was in…

This is so true, best product and best team to help with anything!